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                                           Dynamic Active Intelligence System Project

This project is intended to combine AI and business intelligence features for more complex business management and usage techniques. Currently the project has certain milestones that are part of the project as a whole (might get a project page of their own on codeplex if management gets crazy):

1. NICS (Numeric Intelligence Choice system) - Ask it a quantitive or math type quesiton and it will return the answer.  This has the effect of having some business intelligence because you can ask it a business math question and it will call any formulas it has available to answer that question.

2.  CAIS (Comprehension Active Intelligence system) - System that allows the AI to be aware of the environment around it and comprehend about how to go about solving certain scenarios. Examples: You have a robot that needs to mow the lawn, a robot that can be used to deliver goods, AI security scenarios such as detecting some possible attack scenarios. This system maybe used together in conjunction with the other one above.

3. Other systems as I go along.

I will have a donate button for paypal but if you wish to send me money up later but as long as you check back and some people offer to help I do not mind keeping up this system for awhile. The more the community contributes the longer this project will stay open. I plan on making this project do a lot of things but as the code is modular you "the community" can easily modify it. I will upload shortly some library help files but the Mathelpers class contains the formulas that is use by the NICS system component and requestdata requests data when necessary from a search engine but needs some work to be ready but is mostly completed.

Note: I require that if you add new formulas or modify the code you reupload the source code so that the community can benefit. It can be followers or programmers only source but please upload it. I do not want to make the source code private because then that does not benefit the community.

Update: currently researching about the specific keywords the program will be looking for in string a string. Had some ideas of what is, given, and some others as I go along what does the community think?

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